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Arsenic in Water Testing CT

Arsenic in water testing CTArsenic in water has no color or odor, even when present at elevated levels. Therefore, the only way to determine the arsenic level in your well water is by testing.

Based on an exhaustive review of the new information about arsenic’s health effects, in January 2001 EPA established a goal of zero arsenic in drinking water. At the same time, EPA adopted an enforceable MCL of 10 parts per billion (ppb). Studies have shown that chronic or repeated ingestion of water with arsenic over a person’s lifetime is associated with increased risk of cancer (of the skin, bladder, lung, kidney, nasal passages, liver or prostate) and non-cancerous effects (diabetes, cardiovascular, immunological and neurological disorders).

It is recommedned that private wells be tested at least annually for potential acute contaminants such as bacteria and nitrates and every 3 years for chronic contaminants including arsenic, radon, lead and copper. If any parameter is found to be above the recommended levels, a confirmation sample should be collected before making any decisions regarding water treatment.

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