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VA Water test for VA Refinance, Loan or MortgageSpecializing in water tests for VA loans, mortgages and refinances in CT.  While it may not be the most glamorous part of buying a new home, ensuring that your prospective property has a safe, sanitary water source is a crucial step in the purchase process, particularly for CT veterans looking to receive a home loan or refinancing their home.

In order to qualify for a VA loan, all applicants must satisfy a set of Minimum Property Requirements that include important details about water connections and treatment systems: a topic that may leave many homeowners feeling a bit out of their depth.

Well Testing Requirements

CT Properties that rely on a private or shared well rather than a public water and sewage disposal system will almost certainly need to have a water quality test performed. While the VA itself does not have a blanket testing requirement for well-served properties, many VA lenders will request one in order to satisfy the Minimum Property Requirements.

It is important to remember that any testing must be performed entirely by a third party, water testing company with no direct relationship to the buyer or homeowner. This means that a friend, neighbor, or realtor would not be an acceptable agent.  As part of the loan process, the VA and its lenders need to ensure a clear chain of custody for the sample.

Private well tests usually remain valid for up to 60 days.  Usually the requirement is whatever the Connecticut local health authority has in place for well water quality requirements.  However, in cases where local set requirements are absent, the well water will need to meet the Environmental Protection Agency’s federal standards.


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