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Add Water Testing to Your CT Home Maintenance Checklist

Add Water Testing to Your CT Home Maintenance ChecklistOf all the home maintenance projects that you take on every year, testing your CT drinking water may be the single most important thing you do. No, it won’t keep your roof from leaking and it won’t make your paint stay fresh, but it could save your life or keep your hair from falling out at the very least.

If you own a well that is the source of your drinking water, you know that it is not tested like city water is in Connecticut and it is not sent through the city reservoir like city water. With all of the new fertilizers and pesticides that farmers use, you could very well have contaminated drinking water and not even know it.

All you have to do is add drinking water testing to your list of things to do on your house every year and then actually have it done. It only takes a small sample and bit of time to learn exactly what is in the water that you and your family are drinking.


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