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Buying a House in CT with Well Water?

Water Testing CT  Buying a house with well waterWater Testing CT:  Buying a House with Well Water? If you’re considering the purchase of a house for sale whether the property is listed by a Realtor or is a “For Sale By Owner” and the water supply is pumped from a private water well then my best home buying advice is to have the water professionally tested by an unbiased party that represents you (NOT, the realtor, NOT the home inspector, NOT the other party, but YOU)

This one property purchase tip may save you thousands of dollars and an awful lot of trouble down the road!  Far to often I’ve been contacted by new homeowners, many who have unknowingly inherited water well problems with the purchase of their new home, many owners simply would not have purchased their property had this known these problems existed prior to their purchase. 

There few problems with a water system that cannot be resolved but it can be very costly for a new homeowner.  Most mortgage companies require testing as a condition of the mortgage if there is a private well.

It is nice but not wise to work in good faith with people as this often seems to be the way purchasers work when buying a home with well water.  When it comes to the well water you need hard facts, this is not the time to be dealing in good faith.  A homeowner with a good water system will happily accommodate testing. 

Once the test is completed and the water has been checked you will get a report that spells out the level of each compound in the water along with a corresponding limit that the EPA requires for it to be considered a passing test.

Depending on the kind of water test you’re having done, there will be different requirements for how the water is drawn, and when. Some tests require running the water for a few minutes, first thing in the morning; others require the water to be taken from the tap the moment it comes out. Be sure to hire a professional so that your results are not compromised.

Buying a house with a well can be exciting. It can ensue that you have a water supply that’s not infused with extra chemicals, fluoride, etc., and means that you’re immune from municipal water quality failures. But it also means that the problems you encounter are yours alone to discover and treat.

Start off on the right foot by making sure that when you move in, you know the quality of your water and the related infrastructure by having qualified , accurate testing done.


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