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Water Testing in CT

Licensed CT Lab Certified Water TestsAs water testing specialists in CT, we are here to accommodate all of your water quality needs. Certified laboratory test results will ensure your water is safe for you, your family and your pets to consume. Do you know what’s in your water? Having it evaluated is the only way for you to find out for sure..

Whether you need water test for a FHA loan, VA Mortgage, USDA financing, a mortgage refinance or loan re-fi, food service licensing, daycare, nursery school, child care, schools, certficate of occupancy (CO), foster care, adoption, new construction, manufacturing, agricultural, beer brewing, and more, we can help you.

Water testing near me you say? In my area? in Connecticut? YES!

For your convenience we offer:

  • Flexible scheduling
  • Same day water sampling
  • Professional and knowledgable customer service
  • Your water testing results delivered via email with a guide to help you interpret them
  • Certified water testing results

Water Testing Services include but are not limited to:

  • Basic Potability Test (includes: coliform bacteria, e. coli bacteria, nitrates, nitrites, color, odor, pH, turbidity, chloride, hardness, sulfates, iron, manganese, sodium, and total chlorine)
  • Bacteria (E. Coli & Coliform)
  • Radon
  • Lead
  • Copper
  • Arsenic
  • Fluoride
  • VOC’s (volitile organic chemicals)
  • Total Petroleum Hydrocarbon
  • Pesticides & Herbisides

From drinking and cooking to bathing and washing dishes, water plays a big part in your home or business’s day-to-day activities. Knowing that your CT water supply is safe, is one important reason why professional water testing is worth the extra effort it takes to pick up the phone. We are fortunate to be Connecticut’s premier provider of this important service to our valued clients year after year.

Property owners nearby, throughout the state, who rely on well water should consider having their water tested at least once a year to identify any signs of bacteria, lead, or other contaminants. You may need your water tested more frequently in the following scenarios:

  • Water Changes: Any noticeable changes in your water’s color, odor, or taste can be tested to determine if either surrounding flood waters, damaged well caps, or newly-discovered sources of contamination could be the culprit.
  • Septic System Problems: If you’re experiencing problems with a septic system, the malfunction could impact your well water supply.
  • Infants & the Elderly: It pays to have a water testing and analysis if you have an infant or small child in your home or an elderly individual because they can be more easily affected if the water is unsafe to drink. In addition, most baby formulas require adding water to them so you want to be sure the water is free of bacteria..
  • Illness: Family members in the household with a history of gastrointestinal illnesses can potentially be at risk if the well water supply has been compromised.
  • Area Contamination: If your property is located in an area of Connecticut with a background of bacteria contamination, consider water testing and analysis more than once a year.

For whatever reason you need to ensure your water is safe for consumption,
call today to schedule your appointment 888-558-1574. We look forward to hearing from you!